Sleep Apnea Myths And Misconceptions

Sleep apnea is a condition where a good night’s slumber is interrupted by a sudden short of breath. This is a sleep disorder in which the airway is blocked by either a relaxation in throat muscles or the brain fails to command your system to breathe. It can occur several times during one sleep, and you may only be partially awake during these episodes. Different people have varying opinions regarding these matter, so here are some of the wrong beliefs you may have heard about sleep apneas.

Only for the old and obese

Although a lot of people older than 40 experience sleep apnea and people who are usually overweight, but the truth is it can occur on almost everyone, adult or children of all walks. The obstruction of passage of air may be due to contracted nasal, which isn’t linked to either age or body mass. But it must also be recognized that those who have sleep apneas are at risk of having a gain in weight. To minimize the danger, efficient CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure) ventilators are typically used as treatment.

Snoring is always sleep apnea

People usually think of these because majority of people with sleep apnea are known to be loud snorers. But snoring does not necessarily translate to apnea as it can occur to almost anyone. Snoring occurs when air flow is also obstructed during sleep, which produces involuntary sound. But if your snoring is combined with daytime fatigue, then you should go consult a doctor.

Men-related sleeping disorder

Sleep apnea has nothing to do with sexual orientation, although there may be apparent manifestations between men and women. For men, they are most likely to experience loud snoring and restlessness during the day, while women will typically suffer insomnia. Still, the symptoms are different for every person, so it is still important to have a close check regardless of gender.

Sleep apnea is harmless

If you think that sleep apnea is a condition that is not serious, you must think again. A lot of people with these conditions are not diagnosed because they overlook the potential dangers of having one. It is in fact a serious sleeping disorder that may result to chronic health conditions like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, among other potential risks. Sleep apnea may only make your sleeping inconvenient, but the effects of these, like restlessness or high blood pressure, may hurt your well-being.

Surgery is the only cure for sleep apnea

There used to be a time when surgery was the only way to cure this sleeping disorder. But modern advancements have provided us several alternatives in treating sleep apnea. Philips dreamstation in Australia or cpap (continuous positive airway pressure ventilator) are some of the technology used in the monitoring and treatment of this condition. Therapy is also conducted for some patients.Although you do not belong to the stereotypes of people with insomnia, it does not mean you are immune from this. Some people choose to ignore this as it seemed irrelevant to them, but in real life, it is a serious condition that requires dealing with.

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