When To Visit A Spine Specialist?

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When To Visit A Spine Specialist?

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It is the breakdown of normal structure or function of the spine. It happens over a period of time resulting in neck and back pain. This condition is often the result of infections, tumors, arthritis and aging. The condition gets better with exercise and meditation. Sometimes, a surgery called disectomy is needed as a treatment.All of us have to do little things to stay healthy and happy. Doing regular exercise, drinking a lot of water and taking care of ourselves help us to maintain health. But this does not necessarily mean that we can avoid or treat all problems with such regular healthy habits. There are still many problems, like a back pain, which need attention of a doctor. It is not that all back pains are dangerous. In course of our daily life all of us get some injuries due to wrong posture or a small impact. Most of the small pains can be treated with hot bag, a pain balm and may be some little stretches. But some back pain or health problems can indicate to bigger back problems that is not the thing of petty household treatment. But before we head straight to a spinal surgeon, we must know when we should take our problems as a warning sign of back problem.

Chronic pain:

If you are suffering from back pain for more than three months, it is a chronic one. This one is enough to rush to a back surgeon Sydney though the problems may not be bigger enough. Always heading to the doctor does not mean that you have a very dangerous problem. Sometimes, chronic pains can be a reason of something not that much dangerous and can be treated easily. Especially if you know the reason of the pain, it gets much easier. You may have neglected a fall or impact or injury that is now asking for attention. But if the reason is unknown, it is better to head to the clinic.

Leg weakness or pain:

Our spinal cord is related with too many nerves. Sometimes, these nerves get compressed in different part of the spine. If this happens in lower part of the spine, the results are numbness in legs and hips and it can stay up to a couple of days. There is another problem called radiculopathy. When the nerve is injured or inflamed, the pain will travel down your legs. Both these problems must be treated as soon as possible.

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